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Catalogue                 Group                                                 A side/B side                                                                  Year


USD 005              Bana Ngenge Stars Popote         Dunia Imelaaniwa Pts 1 & 2

MUNGA 003          Mbiri Stars                                Ngai Ndanahira/Ndi Ndakuhitiria?


It’s entirely possible that this listing encompasses two labels with the same name.

On the one hand, USD 005 is by Fataki Lokassa’s band, one of the earliest Congolese groups to relocate to Kenya, who also recorded for Bana Moja and Editions Babu.

MUNGA 003, though, is by a Kikuyu group, Mbira Stars, who also recorded for the Mbiri label. The label says it is an imprint of Stereo Productions of Nairobi. It is unclear, though, whether this is the same company behind the Stereo label, which mainly released recordings by Tanzanian bands such as Nuta Jazz.