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Catalogue                 Group                                                 A side/B side                                                                  Year


UJA 01                Urafiki Jazz                                Mtoto Wa Mjomba Pts 1 & 2

UJA 02                Orch Super Matimila                   Tembea Ujionee Pts 1 & 2


UJA 02 features Remmy Ongala’s top-rated Tanzania-based band of the 1980s, who also recorded for Ahadi, Ken-Tanza and Polydor. The disc was one of the earliest to be added to this discography and remained alone until May 2017 when UJA 01 was put up for sale on the CD&LP.com website by Jojo Records in Kenya.

It shows that this was an Umpja Productions label and is by another Tanzanian band, Urafiki Jazz, who were sponsored by a textile factory. They recorded widely in Kenya, so see the Bands Index for a list of labels that released discs by them.