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Catalogue             Group                                                                 A side/B side                                                Year


TME 001           Orch MZD Yemele                                  Ler Oneno Pts 1 & 2

TME 002           Orch Mazadijo (Yemele)                         Nekimilembe Pts 1 & 2

TME 003           Orch Yemele (Mazadijo)                         Paro Obembo Pts 1 & 2

TME 005           Orch Yemele (Mazadijo)                         Misango Pts 1 & 2

TME 001 surfaced on Ebay in November 2012 and the band didn’t appear to feature anywhere else in this discography. Then TME 002 surfaced on CD&LP.com in November 2015 and TME 005 in March 2016 and it became apparent that this was a band who recorded a smattering of singles for different labels without really establishing a recording career.

TME 001 and TME 003 are sung in Dholuo; iTME 002 in Bukusu.