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Catalogue             Group                                                                 A side/B side                                                Year


TMT 7-1             Orch DO7 Shirati Jazz                            Liyo Duogi Pts 1 & 2

TMT 7-2             Central K Jazz Band                               Ulawa Nan'Go/Akinyi Yie Iromna

TMT 7-3             Orch DO7 Shirati Jazz                            J.M.A. Wechanda Pts 1 & 2                1977

TMT 7-5             Central K Jazz (Simba Wabara)               Charles Okendo/Prisila Glum

TMT 7-6             Central K Jazz                                       Mwache Uchawi Pts 1 & 2

TMT 7-7             Central K Jazz                                       Samwel Ogal/Akinyi Wa Osodhi

TMT 7-8             Central K Jazz                                       L. Muga Abonyo/Patrick Songa

TMT 7-9             Central K Jazz                                       Alex Omondi/M.A. Tochunya No. 2

TMT 7-10           Central K Jazz Band                               Maggy Rabuor Pts 1 & 2

When TMT 7-3 appeared on the Discogs website in summer 2015, it unlocked a selection of other discs on the label that feature on AIT’s master list of recordings. Of the two Luo benga bands on the label, DO Misiani’s DO7 Shirati Jazz are one of the most prolific outfits in Kenyan music history – see the Bands Index for an up-to-date list of the labels that issued records by them.

The relationship between these two bands, however, is unclear. Elsewhere, Misiani is occasionally credited as writer or co-writer of some Central K Jazz songs, so it may be that he acted as their mentor or even tat the band was a version of Shirati Jazz operating under a different name.