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Catalogue             Group                                                                 A side/B side                                                Year


MAE 001           Orch Shika Shika                                   Lima Pts 1 & 2

MAE 002           Orch Shika Shika                                   Olivia Pts 1 & 2

MAE 003           Orch Ebukanga                                      Elphas Ambundo/Epironi Akuhanga

MAE 003 is a single that turned up on Ebay in March 2009 on a label that is evidently an offshoot of Daraja. It features a band who don’t feature anywhere else so far in this discography. According to the label at least, they are singing in Kiswahili, though even that isn’t too certain.

MAE 001 surfaced on the Discogs site in April 2017. It may have been there for some time as it was wrongly filed under Latin as its music category. Consult the Bands Index for a list of the many labels that released records by Orch Shika Shika.