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Catalogue             Group                                                                 A side/B side                                                Year


AGE 001          Kathuma Family                                       Mucore Ruth/Kanorio

AGE 002          Ambui Brothers                                        Niukarira/Ndiira - Thi

AGE 5             Kahumbu Success                                     Wendo Uyu Waku/Jenetu Ndari

AGE 06            Kungu Brothers                                        Mwendwa Emi/Nindoiga Sorry

AGE 08            Githiga ‘9’ Brothers                                   Cucu Witu/Mahoya Ma Bururi

AGE 09            Githiga 9 Brothers                                    Muito Wa Kayahwe/Wa Wairimu

AGE 7-87        Nyahururu Boys                                        Mark Mwithaga/Mono Eye             1975

AGE 7-89        Henery Kariuki with K.C.B.                         A: Mwendwa Waringa                   1974

                                                                                     B: Uthaka Ni Mwithua

AGE 7-95        Rift Valley Boys                                         A: Ndaciariiruo Ndiiya

                                                                                     B: Koma Thayu Mwendwa/

AGE 7-98        Joseph Gicheha (Rift Valley Boys)               Thina Wa Gicheha/Mukokoteni

There’s a writing credit on AGE 06 and AGE 08 for Mukaramani, which suggests these two Kikuyu bands are related. The British Library’s National Sound Archive says AGE 08 was produced by Joseph Kamaru, leader of the City Sound Band, music store owner and a prime mover and shaker in Kikuyu music.

Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris provided details of AGE 5, 09 and 98 in March 2011, and AGE 001 in March 2012. AGE 7-95 pitched up on the Discogs website in February 2016, while AGE 002 and AGE 7-87 and 7-89 appeared on Fredrik Lavik’s Afro7 website in July 2016. The latter two discs place this as a mid-1970s label, though why the record with an earlier catalogue number has a later date is unknown.