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Catalogue                 Group                                                                        A side/B side


MTU 1                Orch Super Mazembe                                   Bwana Nipe Pesa/Zamani Sana

MTU 2                Orch Safari Sound                                        Agano La Jumamosi Pts 1 & 2

MTU 3                Juwata Jazz Band                                         Epuka Tabia Mbaya Pts 1 & 2

MTU 4                V.M. Malaika Weusi                                       Pesa Pts 1 & 2

MTU 5                Orch Safari Sound                                         Mimi Msafiri Pts 1 & 2

MTU 6Orch Les Mambo Jazz                                  Tausi Pts 1 & 2

MTU 7                Lola Africa                               Moni Pts. I & II

MTU 8                Original Kilimambogo Brothers  (OKB)            Mpenzi Mary Pts 1 & 2


AIT label from the early 1980s. It’s hard to establish the raison d’etre behind the label. The ever popular Orch Super Mazembe released many more records on Edition Mazembe, while Juwata Jazz also appear on Moto Moto, both being AIT labels.

Juwata Jazz was originally Nuta Jazz, one of the longest-serving bands in Tanzania and changed its name to Juwata Jazz in 1977.

MTU 7, which appears on an AIT sales list from circa 1983, sent in by Flemming Harrev in December 2010, features an artist who does not feature anywhere else in this discography.

The same sales list had MTU 6 as being by Les Kambo Jazz, who seemed like a new band to me, until a later list turned up that proved this to be by Les Mambo Jazz. MTU 4 is by Vuria Mwangeka Malaika Weusi.