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7- SUPER 21        Geoffery Sereko with AGS Boys                    Win Omutono/Skoviar Anchaye

This record is in Luganda, the most widely spoken language in Uganda. It appeared on eBay in December 2013 and poses some interesting problems. The presence of the AGS Boys would suggest a link with the African Gramophone Stores label. But, according to interviews in Nairobi by the Dutch DJ and record collector, Blue Flamingo, AGS was set up in the mid-1950s by Maganlal Jethalal Shah. This record, however, says it was produced by P.W. Andrews and Co of Nairobi. So did this company hire the AGS Boys for the occasional session or did it own or part-own AGS with Shah?

It also seems likely that Geoffery Sereko is a variant spelling of the name of  Geoffrey Nsereke, who recorded for Equator.