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Catalogue                 Group                                                 A side/B side                                                                  Year


AY 7-004                Westerners Sweet Band              Leo Odera/Odoyo Sammy

AY 7-007                Kajulu Boys Band                       Walter Bonde/Margaret Achieng

AY 7-008                Orch Tel-Tel                               Angira (One To Nine)/Adhiambo Ikawo Chunya

AY 7-010                Orch Tel Tel                               Agola Pinyni Pogowa/Japuonj Tom Miniga

AY 7-011                Ecko Jazz Band                           Joshwa Adede/Kijende Mandalogi

AY 7-013                Orch Tel Tel                               Jenny Nyota Wangu/Onyango Obel

AY 7-014                Orch Tel Tel                               William T Osino/Willy Achieng'

AY 7-017                Rapedhi Boys Band                     Dan Otieno/Wuoth Ma Sultan Hamud

AY 7-019                Prof Ezekiel Opollo                      Yawuot Risaf/Odeny Tonny

                             with Migori Success

AY 7-021                New Happy Jazz Band                 Nyithi Riat/Abisalom Njiri


AY 7-013 is in the Voice of America collection, AY 7-014 in the British Library’s National Sound Archive.

The label says the singles were produced by Orange Records of Nairobi, the same company behind the Hi-Hit label.

Orchestra Tel Tel, who don’t appear to have recorded for anyone else, were essentially a Luo band, although Jenny Nyota Wangu is sung in Kiswahili.

October 2011: AY 7-007 was located in the Ethnographical Museum, Berlin. It is by a Luo band that also recorded for Atudo, Chiew Rakuthe, Hi-Hit, Philips and Sango. See Bands Index for an up-to-date list of the band’s various labels. In March 2017 AY 7-019 turned up on Ebay and is by another Luo band.