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Catalogue                 Group                                                                        A side/B side                                          Year


SUNB 762            Malaika Weusi                                             Maliso Gha Lina/Mvi Ni Mvi            1980

SUNB 765            Jamasis Sound Band                                    Lembeita Pts 1 & 2                        1980

SUNB 782            Victoria Kings Jazz                                       A: Rieko Mag Tich Onge Ohala        1980

                                                                                            B: Jane Toto

SUNB 765 is an intriguing single from 1980. When Ray Templeton sent in details and a scan of it, at first it didn’t really register with me as the directory already has singles on Sun Eclipse, Sunset and Sunshine.

Then I looked at it more closely and realised it features two languages, Swahili and Kallenjin, on the label. I’m pretty sure it is in the latter, especially given the song is credited to Joel Arap Kileges.

In January 2012 two other records on the label turned up on Ebay from a South African seller. They appear to confirm that Sunrise was an AIT/Teal label used to sell Kenyan music into export markets such as South Africa as SUNB 762 is in Kitaita and SUNB 782 is in Dholuo.