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Catalogue            Group                                                                    A side/B side                                                       Year


AKO 1             Orch Les Victoria C Band                           Teresa/Agness

AKO 4             Les Victoria C                                           Jactone Oyoko/Gimiparo Ema Aparo

AKO 5             Moja Kings                                               Jane Aoko/Charles Adeya


A record that Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris alerted me to in April 2011. It is hard to tell from the design whether the label is called Sunga Ok Cham or Sunga Ok Cham Nyako.  Let’s hope a Dholuo speaker will answer that question at some point.

The label says it is a Umoja Production, a company that also produced records on the Akwede Rach, Edition Shika-Shika, Editions Shika-Mama and Kiwiro Dag Mach labels.

Victoria C were one of the more prolific offshoots of the Victoria Kings. Consult the Bands Index for a full list of labels that feature recordings by them.

Update: Thanks to Fredrik Lavik in Norway for supplying details of AKO 1 in January 2012 and again to Sofiane for details of AKO 5 in August 2013.