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Catalogue                 Group                                                 A side/B side                                                          Year


SLW 7-1              Orch CK Jazz                             Ok Ayie Gi Jothumbe Masani/Omulo Dick

SLW 7-2              Orch CK Jazz                             A: Christine “Bi-Anne”

                                                                          B: “Hamba Swangu” – Consolata

SLW 7-10            Metric Jazz Band                        Onyango Mwalimu/?                                   1973

SLW 7-13            Metric Jazz Band                        Jodwar W Guohgi/J Ogwan'ga Chacha          1973

SLW 7-16            Metric Jazz Band                        Dorine Sugar Sugar/Otieno Jandigua            1974

SLW 7-17            Orch CK Jazz                             A: Remgws Ongaro Awino                            1974

                                                                          B: Peter Osongo Gi Perry

SLW 7-18            Metric Jazz Band                        Anjejo Ja Orando/Ogolla Mark                      1974

SLW 7-19            Continental Revolution               Nick Oyoo/Kilichoshababisha                        1974

SLW 7-20            Metric Jazz Band                        Ombok Elly/Kama Okelo                              1974

SLW 7-21            Orch CK Jazz                             Henry Bworo gi R Atieno/Puonj Makare         1974

SLW 7-22            Continental Revolution               Joshua Ondenyo/Maringo Ya Nini                  1974

SLW 7-23            Orch CK Jazz                             P Renson A Ogila/Joseph O Janyando            1974

SLW 7-24            Metric Jazz Band                       Onjun'ga Otango/Owira Ja Gombe                1974

SLW 7-25            Metric Jazz Band                       Ogot Wuod Yimbo/Odoyo Mc. Ndiege            1974

SLW 7-26            Orch CK Jazz                            Odeny Ton Alap Gi Willy/John Ayieko            1974

SLW 7-27            Metric Jazz National                  Ochieng Apollo/Pasikal McAlogo                    1974

SLW 7-28            Orch CK Jazz                            Elly Odwongo/Oguta Tela                             1974

SLW 7-30            Metric Jazz Band                       Ngima Oridore/Agussy Jakano                      1974

SLW 7-31            Orch CK Jazz                            John Abila/Henry Okul Janyando                   1974

SLW 7-32            Metric Jazz National                  Odero Koduko/Nyamwaya JB                        1974

SLW 7-33            Metric Jazz National                  Afline December Gift/Afline the Pretty No 2    1974

SLW 7-34            Metric Jazz National                  Bodo Nicky/Leo Akendo                                1974

SLW 7-35            Continental Revolution              Ogala Jossy Rateng/Timon Ogutu                  1974

SLW 7-36            Continental Revolution              Gilbert Ooga/Jonathan Owuor                       1974

SLW 7-37            Continental Revolution              Otongo William No 2/George Otieno              1974

SLW 7-38            CK Jazz Band                           A: Festus Achayo Ogula Mama                      1975

                                                                        B: Team Mar Gor Ji Oyiego Te

SLW 7-39            CK Jazz Band                           Harison Aguko/Timothy Oguto                       1975

SLW 7-40            CK Jazz Band                           Pilista Aloo/Rubinson Alago                           1975

Melodica distributed label  given over almost entirely to two Luo band leaders: George Ramogi with CK Jazz and Continental Revolution and Leonard Omedo with Metric Jazz.

One of the best-known songs of the period Affline the Pretty by

CK Jazz appeared on this label, though I don’t have the catalogue number yet. You used to be able to read about the history of the song in an October 2003 story by The Daily Nation in Kenya at


but the link is now (February 2013) dead.