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Catalogue            Group                                                                    A side/B side                                                       Year


SUKU 7-007     Muchatha Boys                                      Marua Ma Mwendwa/Ndikwenda Gutaruo

SUKU 7-009     Muchatha Boys                                      Kiss Me Slowly/Maitu Ni Nyagacu

SUKU 7-0010   Muchatha Boys                                      Jane Chaguo Langu/ Chuki Na Fitina Zenu   1974


Sofianne of Groovy Record in Paris alerted me to the existence of SUKU 7-007 in April 2011 and Fredrik Lavik in Norway supplied details of SUKU 7-009 in September 2011. We had to wait until June 2015 for the next record, SUKU 7-0010, to show up on Ebay.

The Muchatha Boys were a Kikuyu group although it is unclear whether they are connected to the Muchatha Band who recorded for the Kiang’ombe Mwenda Sound label.

Muchatha is just north of Nairobi and these records look to be self-financed efforts by the band’s leader Peter Mbui. Since there are clearly other records on the label, the band presumably enjoyed a degree of local fame.