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Catalogue                 Group                                                 A side/B side                                                          Language


SSS 1                  Special Baruti                           Vivi-Hapo Ulipo/Hamida Sulemani

CNC 002              Vuria Mwangeka Brothers          Richard Mwangeka/Igembe na Mbuwa

CNC 003              Special Baruti International       Hawa Vumilia/Mama Sango

Special Baruti appear to have hailed from the far west of Tanzania according to the Wanamuziki Tanzania blog. Don’t know anything about this label, though you have to warm to a single that proclaims it was produced by HA Mwachala Mwasungia Scenery, Mwasangula being near the Taita hills close to the Tanzanian border. This is also a sister label to Taita Sounds.

Vuria Mwangeka Brothers also recorded for the Africa and Simba Wa Taita labels.