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Catalogue                 Group                                                 A side/B side                                                          Language


SEP 06                 Karura Brothers                        Reke Nyambe Nguthome/Nindahera

SEP 10                 Orch Mzalendo Success             A: Mwanisengenya Bure                             Swahili

                                                                          B: "K" Mwana Paradiso

SEP 11                 Karura Brothers                        Niokoe Mpenzi/Usikimbilie Ndoa                 Swahili

SEP 100               The New Sunshine Band            Small Smile/Honey Baby                            English

SEP 101               New Sunshine Band                  Got to Know/Njeri Baby                              English

SEP 102               New Sunshine Band                  A: What Do You Feel?                                English

                                                                         B: Believe Me, Believe It!

KHS/J-5               Karura Brothers                        Monny/Maina

KHS/J-8               Karura Brothers                        Kamumathai/Muhiki Niakinya                      Kikuyu

SEP 100 is a 1970s release that, to judge by the sleeve information, claims to be an English-language cavacha tune. Details of KHS/J-5, supplied by Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris, point to a connection with James Mbugua’s Karura Brothers and Kihumbu Harmonic Sound labels.

SEP 10 turned up on Ebay in November 2012 and is by a band that also recorded for the Africa, Pluto and Polydor labels.