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Catalogue                 Group                                                 A side/B side                                                                  Year


SOA 002              Lawi Somona                            Safi Pts 1 & 2

SOA 003              Orch Bana Vata                        Tosenga Na Nzambe Pts 1 & 2

SOA 004              Lawi Somona                            Mpenzi Bwana/Wewe Ni Wangu

SOA 006              Orch Ibua Ibua                         Ni Kitu Gani Ulichonipa/Tucheze Ibua Ibua

SOA 007              Les Trippers                             Atanioa Huyo Fukara Pts 1 & 2


SOA 006 is in the British Library’s National Sound Archive and was one of the first singles on this website. It took more than five years before the next two singles, SOA 003 and SOA 007, arrived courtesy of Fredrik Lavik’s Afro7.net website in July 2014. Les Trippers are presumably an incarnation of Maijani Rajab’s Safari Trippers, but the other two bands are more obscure.

The label shares a PO Box number with other Andrew Crawford Productions labels, so is presumably one of their imprints.