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Catalogue       Group                                                 A side/B side                                                                  Year


SSL 7-008    PCEA Gathaithi Choir                 Mungi Okoa Africa/Njia I Wazi

SSL 7-009    PCEA Gathaithi Choir                 Maai Ni Maruru/?

SSL 7-010    PCEA Gathaithi Choir                 Beautiful Heaven/Take Up Thy Cross                 1975

SSL 7-015    PCEA Gathaithi Choir                 Ngoro Ya Mundu/Tugikunguira Jesu                   1976

SSL 7-016    PCEA Gathaithi Choir                 Murimu Wa Mahaki/Jesu Ni Aaciarirwo               1976

SSL 029       PCEA Gathaithi Choir                 Ika Uria Ndiroiga/Wihoke Mwathani

SSL 7-105    PCEA Kiamwathi Choir               Mbutu ya Mulukani/Akore Niwe Njira Njike


PCEA stands for Presbyterian Church of East Africa and these singles are by Kikuyu choirs that belong to the church’s congregation.

Founded and led by Ishmael Nga'ng'a, PCEA Gathaithi Choir is the more famous of the two. After the 1975 murder of the politician J.M. Kariuki, Nga’ng’a wrote the song Maai Ni Maruru - the water is bitter - which reflected widespread popular anger at what was almost certainly a political assassination, given Kariuki’s outspoken attacks on high-level corruption. The Kenyatta government banned the song.