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Catalogue       Group                                                 A side/B side                                                                  Year


ROJ 001      The Tody Six Band                      Fire/Mwenzangu Rossy                                     1974

ROJ 003      Nyota Jazz                                 Alois Onyango/Anyango Ber Ka Mapek               1974

ROJ 7-005   The Toddy Six Band                    Flora Pts 1 & 2                                                 1975

ROJ 011      The Toddy Six Band                    Mambo Ya Inflation/Suzana Na Mama                1975

ROJ 012      The Toddy Six Band                    Nyanchoka/Jogo Jok Mage                                1976

ROJ 016      The Toddy Six Band                    President William R Tolbert Pts 1 & 2                 1976

ROJ 7-017   The Toddy National                    Jasem Piere Tar Pts 1 & 2                                  1976

ROJ 020      The Toddy National                    Mtoto Rose/Nick Osewe

ROJ 7-021   Toddy National                           Marginina Pts 1 & 2

A vehicle for productions by Juma Toto, with the Toddy Six and Toddy National as successors to Todi National ’72, who recorded for Melodica and Pathe, while David Mganda’s involvement in Nyota Jazz pegs them as another offshoot of Victoria Jazz.

Thanks to Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris for details of ROJ 012 and ROJ 016. The latter must presumably have been issued to coincide with a state visit by the then president of Liberia to Kenya. Tolbert was assassinated in April 1980 in the coup d’etat that brought Samuel Doe to power.