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Catalogue       Group                                                 A side/B side                                                                  Year


ROCK 7 -24     Joseph Abasi                         Makarani Wasijevune/Maoni Ya Twist

ROCK 7-31      John Nzenze (Spoti)               Angelike Twist/Simu Ku Toka Ulaya

7 ROCK 38      Peter Akwabi                         Sisi Na Malenya/Makumbusho Musha

ROCK 7-53      Elijah Talian with Rock Trio     Rafiki Anagundua Siri/Wanaooa Wazungu

45 ROCK 78    John Nzenze with AGS Boys     Rukia Wa Rohoni/Adam Na Hawa

7 Rock 85        B. Steven with AGS Boys        Onemye Okukyawa/Sikutenda

An African Gramophone Stores label from the 1960s that looks to have predated the shift to “jazz” bands and orchestras, but operated in similar ways to Equator with a regular roster of backing musicians called in to support guitarists and vocalists.

45 ROCK 78 turned up on Ebay in November 2011 and the other three singles appeared on the same auction site in February 2012. 7 Rock 85, which is in Luganda, was added to this site in January 2016 after surfacing on CD&LP.com.

ROCK 7-31, spotted on eBay in January 2017, may have been released on the AGS rather than the Rock label.