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Catalogue       Group                                                 A side/B side                                                                  Year


RT 003        Orch Kalle Kalle                         Kifo Cha Luo F.C. Pts 1 & 2

RT 004        Sega Sega Band                        Jopesa Gi Jomodhier Pts 1 & 2

RT 006        Sega-Sega Band                        Edwin Onyango/Rose Nyar Uholo

RT 007        Les Bwambe-Bwambe                Mwana Mawa Pts 1 & 2                                    1978

RT 008        Les Bwambe-Bwambe                Nitajaribu Pts 1 & 2

RT 009        Kaselleh-Kidi & Orch Kale Kale    Fitina Fitina Pts 1 & 2

RT 016        Samba Mapangala                      Seli Na Samba Pts 1 & 2

                  & Orch Super Tukina

Chris & Kale Sound Production are behind this Nairobi label, a sister operation to Editions Chris. The Luo Sega Sega Band, also known as Orch Sega-Sega, also recorded for Kuja Mol, Kung Fu, Piny Omer and Wageso.

RT 007, which turned up on Ebay in May 2010 is by Orch Bwambe-Bwambe, a Congolese band that also recorded for the Editions Chris Tetemeko and Linga labels.

Details of RT 009 and RT 016 were kindly supplied by Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris in November 2010. RT 009 is by the veteran Luo musician Ochieng Kabaselleh, leader of Luna Kidi. RT 016 is very intriguing. Orch Super Tukina was one of the first bands Samba Mapangala played with before departing Congo in 1975 for Uganda with the musicians who became Les Kinois, a group that took Kenya when it moved to Nairobi the following year. So is this recording an old song reissued or a reunion with former bandmates? Given the song’s title and the fact at least one Orch Super Tukina record is credited to Sely Ekulu, I suspect the latter.