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Catalogue       Group                                                                         A side/B side                                                       Year


PI 07           CK Dumbe-Dumbe Band                               Otieno Hagai/Tom D Wandera

PI 15           Oganga                                                       Japuonj Ochieng/Alice Maggy Akinyi

PI 402         Gem Lucky Band                                          Dr John Osuka/Esther Akeyo                    1974

PI 403         Oremo Jazz Band                                         Teresa Anyango/A. Nyandere

PI 7-408      Seme Nyatiti Band                                       Nyajo Lendo/Nyach Yudo Tek                    1975

PI 7-417      Juba Group                                                 Ogonji Ok Okendo/Charles Ajuan'g            1975


A Doromy label - the name means “wasp” - for Luo bands from the mid-1970s featuring George Ramogi’s CK Dumbe-Dumbe, Gem Lucky Band and Oremo Jazz Band.

Update, September 2011: PI 7-417 turned up on the 45Cat website that also provided the label scan, while PI 7-408 appeared on CD&LP.com in November 2013 and PI 15 on eBay in April 2016. Both of the latter records feature the nyatiti, a lyre, typically with eight-strings, that is a key instrument in traditional Luo music.