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Catalogue       Group                                                                         A side/B side                                                       Year


PEA 01         Rwengo Brothers                                          Waithira Uri Muthaka/Mary Mama Pt 2

PEA 02         Matuu K Sisters                                            Kaana Ka Ukenge/Katonya Ngele

PEA 08KSS   Rift Valley Brothers                                      Tiga Kuga Uri Muroge/Tigakunjagagia

PEA 9          Wanyangahu & Mwaura                                 Maithori Ma Mbaki/Rubaru Ruakwa

                  with Kathugi Singing Stars

PEA 10        Kiru Stars                                                     Nyina Wa Kiune/Kaba Nditindike

PEA 15        Mubutiti Stars                                               Mwari Wa Maitu/Kai Utari Ruuti


Thanks to Alastair Johnston for the scan of this gorgeous label. The Rwengo Brothers were a Kikuyu group led by John Ndicu, who recorded Mary Mama as the A-side of a single on the Cucu Wagakunga label. The listing for that label explains how Ndicu fell foul of the censors and had a record banned in 1987.

PEA 02 is by a Kamba group that I have no further information on.

In April 2011 Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris supplied details of PEA 9 and PEA 16, both singles by Kikuyu artists. The Mwaura of PEA 9 may be Joseph Mwaura, who recorded a couple of singles on Ruoro Rugitema with Kibugi Daughters - Unity Choir. Mubutiti Stars, though, do not feature elsewhere in this discography. Kiru Stars, who appear on PEA 10 which appeared on eBay in February 2016, were a Kikuyu group who recorded for a couple of other labels. See Bands Index for an up-to-date list. PEA 08KSS surface on eBay in August 2016 and is by Lawrence Nduru’s widely recorded Kikuyu group