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Catalogue       Group                                                                         A side/B side                                                       Year


OWB series

OWB 7-1      CK Jazz Band                                               Kombamwiko Pts 1 & 2                            1976

OWB 2         Central K Jazz                                              Charles Manyama/Enos Chokah

OWB 7-3      CK Jazz Band                                               Samwel Akoko/Elias Juma                       1976

OWB 7-4      Orch CK Jazz Band                                       Betty/Odek Josia                                     1976

OWB 7-5      Orch CK Jazz                                               Rispa Akinyi Slim/Jack Ochino

OWB 7-6      Orch CK Jazz                                               Pamela Awino Pts 1 & 2                           1977

OWB 7        Central K Jazz                                               Mary Adhiambo/David M. Oyugi

OWB 8        Central K Jazz                                               Gladys Jane Atieno/Michael Miyawa

OWB 9        Central K Jazz                                               Akech Orembe/Chokah Nesbit

OWB 10      Central K Jazz                                               Justus Oluoch/M.M.A. Jamiddy

OWB 11      C.K. Dumbe Dumbe                                       Kalasina Akinyi/Okech Komba

OWB 12      C.K. Dumbe Dumbe                                       Dalmas Bondo/Timon Tindi Kojola

OWB 13      C.K. Dumbe Dumbe                                       Akeyo Fancy/Pok Ruoth

OWB 14      C.K. Dumbe Dumbe                                       M.A. Jamidii/E. Chokajakarachonyo

OWB 15      Central K Dumbe Dumbe                                Modi Koloo/Anna Honey

OWB 16      Central K Dumbe Dumbe                                Jack Opembi/Joab Kauma

OWB 17      Central K Dumbe Dumbe                                Peres A.B.E. Rocky/John Fred Adongo

OWB 18      Central K Dumbe Dumbe                                Kilion Opiyo/Jemimah Akinyi

OWB 19      Central K Dumbe Dumbe                                Michael Odongo/Roseline Awino

OWB 20      Central K Dumbe Dumbe                                Dominic Oyoo/Born Smart Is Dead

OWB 21      Central K Dumbe Dumbe                                Likembe Ko Pondo/Leah Indosa

RON series -Owang Jaber International

RON 1        Central K Dumbe Dumbe                                Tan'Guru Joluo Pts 1 & 2

RON 2        C.K. Dumbe Dumbe Jazz                                J. Ombuoro Okello/Rosie Marie Marie

RON 3        C.K. Dumbe Dumbe Jazz                                Onyango Obajo/Rosemary Akoth

RON 4        C.K. Dumbe Dumbe Jazz                                Margaret Atieno/Phillip Gor

RON 5        Central K Dumbe Dumbe                                Samwel Abongo/Naatamani Mombasa

RON 6        Central K Dumbe Dumbe                                John Owino Kadwe/Rapar Gogo Ochok

RON 7-7     CK Dumbe-Dumbe                                         President Moi Pts 1 & 2


An AIT label for George Ramogi’s band in various guises.

Information for this listing has come from the Voice of America music library, the A&M archives at the University of California and, in March 2011, the AIT master catalogue.

The OWB singles appear to have been produced by PO Kanindo, while the RON series - or at least RON 7-7 - are Okoth Kodondi productions.

Hard to see why the RON series are “International” in any way.