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Catalogue       Group                                                                         A side/B side                                                       Year


OSKA 001    Kamwala Super Stars                                    Ywak Mwala/Oluoch K'Ouko

OSK 04        Victoria 'C' Jazz Band                                    Judy Atieno Pts 1 & 2


OSKA 001 is aingle in the British Library’s National Sound Archive that it says is by a Kikuyu band, although it is almost certainly by a Luo band.

OSK 04 is from a cache of records found by Tom Gilks in Kisumu in May 2013. It indicates that this was a Kisumu-based label operated by Osiri-Kamwala Productions. Prolific producer PO Kanindo may well have been involved, too, as it seems too much of a coincidence that the credits read ‘Produced by PO K’owese”.