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Catalogue       Group                                                                         A side/B side                                                       Year


JLU 501      Les Nabongo Jazz                                           Jerida/Cicilia

JLU 502      Les Nabongo Jazz                                           Regina/Kalakala

JLU 504      Les Nabongo Jazz                                           Khayinga/Makuru

MOO 3        Orch Sukisa Jazz                                            Akhamuna/Kuronya

MOO 4        Orch Sukisa Jazz                                            Eshialo Shino/Omukhasi Mulekhwa

MOO 6        OSKI Jazz                                                      Abatiyi Khuhukanga/Murie Abebuli

MOO 10      Sukisa Jazz Band                                            Omukhana Mamy/J. Omunanga


JLU 501, JLU 504 and MOO 4 are from Doug Paterson’s collection and are by two Luhya bands that don’t feature anywhere else in this discography. Thanks to Doug for the label scan.

MOO 6, which surfaced on Ebay in March 2009, is by a Luhya band that I think is Orch Sukisa Jazz in another guise, while JLU 502 and MOO 10 turned up on Ebay in April 2013 and MOO 3 in JUne 2013.