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Catalogue       Group                                                              A side/B side                                                       Year


TISA 1        Jolly Boys Band                                   Lilly “B”/?

TISA 9        Omore Kings Band                               Lizz Weka Waka/Perry Odhi Chuth

TISA 10      Omore Kings Band                               Hera Ongiewo Ndegeii/Martin Ogola Jabilo

TISA 15      Omore Kings Band                               Scurd Nyar Ruodhi/Paul Austin Aludo          1991

Funny how you sometimes stumble upon things. I was looking at Carlos Montes Alcala’s Akabola Music blog for an entirely different reason when I came upon a small cache of benga singles he had posted that didn’t figure in this discography. Two of them, TISA 9 and 10 - which you can visit Akabola Music to download - are by John Ouma Omore’s benga band. He is also credited with writing the A-side of the Jolly Boys single, TISA 1, details of which came from Tom Gilks in May 2013.

These discs were distributed by the Wamenyo Recording Company, which operated out of Suna in Western Province and also put out Luo singles on the Bwana Otieko Weche and Weka Waka labels.