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Catalogue       Group                                                              A side/B side                                                       Year


ORA 7-2       Okok Rachar Band                               Timon Ogonda/Joyce Anyango

ORA 7-4       Kiwiro Boys Band                                 Martin Ochola/Wilkista Odero

ORA 5          Gem Lucky Jazz                                   Sarah Atieno No. 3/Atieno The Slender

ORA 6          Metric Revolution '76                            John Ogwanga/Martin Okeyo

ORA 7          Metric Revolution '76                            Oduogo John/Herina Auma

ORA 8          Gem Lucky Jazz                                   Hera Rumo Ga/Timbe Nyiri Masani

ORA 9          Okok Rachar                                        Monica A. Odika/Lawruok Rach

ORA 10        Okok Rachar                                        Jack Arombo/Rose Anyango

ORA 11        Victoria Kings Jazz                                Odhiambo Jabilo/Ajele Osodhi

ORA 12        Mori Ongo Ochuoi                                 Milka Otieno/Odira Sipy

ORA 14        Orch DO7 Shirati Jazz                           Selestin Akinyi Pts 1 & 2                         1977

ORA 15        Nyanza Stars                                       Maggie Nyalego/Okello Rayier

ORA 16        Victoria Kings Jazz                                Herman Nyanyumba/Joshwa Abuya

ORA 17        Central K Jazz (Simba wa Bara)             Ogwar Jabware/Nyiri Masani

ORA 18        Central K Jazz (Simba wa Bara)             Tula Winy Ohero/Otieno Kongoro

ORA 20        Okok Rachar                                        Joshwa Ondiko/Elly Opiyo

ORA 23        Okok Rachar                                        Susana Bi Masanga/Mary Aoko Madam

Okok Rachar recorded for the Nyaguok Onyuongo and Wendo Modhial and records by the Okok Rachar Band have turned up on South African labels, so perhaps it is no surprise to find a label carrying the name.

ORA 14 turned up on Ebay in April 2011, showing the label to be another outlet for Oluoch Kanindo productions of Luo benga bands. Details of most of the other records on the label have come from AIT’s master catalogue. Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris supplied details of ORA 7-2 and ORA 7-4 in April 2011.