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ORC 3020    Orch Bana Kin (Les Kinois)                   Mopaya Zoba Pts 1 & 2

O.R.C. stands for Oula Recording Company, the Suna-based label that, according to the sleevenotes for the Mighty Kings of Bega LP on Globestyle, was owned and run by the Victoria Kings.

Oula was certainly a prolific operation. It ran multiple labels: Banjo, Kwe Eber Budho, Pamba Oluoro Chilo, Piny Ose Ruu, Gloria Africana, Benga Wizard, Nyungi Oyie Soro, Ogwela Bad Jo-Waya, Hera Mar Mbese and Nyasi Luo to name the ones so far in this discography. And it also recorded a variety of musical styles, primarily benga but also traditional nyatiti music and, as here, Lingala rumba.