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Catalogue       Group                                                         A side/B side                                                       Year


ND 1             The Eagles Lupopo                          Ben Na Ya Ya/Kifa Cha Ndege                 1972

ND 3             The Eagles Lupopo                         Mitare Usoni/Ukurasa Wa Saba

ND 5            Peter Tsotsi Juma & Eagles Lupopo   City of Nairobi/Eliza Mpenzi

ND 6            Peter Tsotsi Juma & Eagles Lupopo   Eliza Mpenzi/City of Nairobi

ND 7            Peter J Tsotsi & the Eagles Lupopo    Musinsimbue/Osana Osana


An EMI label. ND 5 and ND 7 are two singles, one from Doug Paterson’s collection and the other from Didier’s Mwanasimba site., Both are by the evergreen Eagles Lupopo, featuring Peter Tsotsi Juma, and date from 1972.

It wasn’t until seven years later, in July 2016, that ND 1 and ND 3 turned up on eBay, the former’s A-side written by Daudi Kabaka and the latter’s A-side by Nashil Pichen – a song intriguingly described as Calypso on the label description.