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Catalogue       Group                                                         A side/B side                                                       Year


NDS 7-1     Ofafa Two Christian Choir                 Ngai Ithe Wa Ibrahim/Athi Na Kihutati 

NDS 3        Elburgon Super Stars                        Nguhikia Gicokio/Ngumwonia Nyoni

NDS 4        One Man's Band                               Susy/Ikuru Iteaga Ingi

NDS 5        Ofafa Two Christian Choir                  Mwathani Wakwa Ndimwendaga/Kirima Ki Matu-Ini

NDS 6        Ofafa Two Christian Choir                  Inai Haleluyah/Roho Akorire Atumwo

NDS 7       Ofafa Two Christian Choir               A: Giathi Kirugiirwo Maroho

                                                                          B: Ngai Na Yesu Makiaga Magarwo

NDS 7       Dagoretti Boys                                Ndumi Uthaka/Cia Mundu

NDS 8        Dagoretti Boys                                 Meri Maria/Babe


A label offering a mixed bag of Kikuyu-language releases. Information about NDS 7-1 was supplied by Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris in April 2011 and details of the rest have come from AIT’s master catalogue. It contains a couple of mistakes: the band’s name on NDS 4 is incomplete and two singles, highlighted in bold, are listed as being NDS 7. It is highly likely that one of these singles is NDS 2 and only eight records were issued on the label

Nyandarua is a district in Central Province, north of Nairobi. Why the label should bear its name, though, isn’t obvious as Elburgon, Dagoretti and Ofafa are not in the district.