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Catalogue       Group                                                         A side/B side                                                       Year


DNJ 50001    Bavon, Jules and l'Orch Vox-Action   Batela Moana/Embembe Ya Mbua

DNJ 50004    Bavon, Jules and l'Orch Vox-Action   Hele/Laissez Gina

DNJ 5167     Verckys & Son Ensemble                  Naleli Mingi/Linga Ngai Zuate

DNJ 5197     Orch Sonafric                                  Lili Mambeta/Club 113

DNJ 5271     Africa Mod Matata                            Meleli Meleli/Antou

DNJ 5337     Kwamy & Son Ensemble                   Na Change Metier/Toyokana Jeanie


I held off adding a listing for Ngoma until November 2013 as it was often impossible to tell whether discs on the label were made in France or elsewhere. By the time I had firm evidence that Ngoma releases were pressed under license in Kenya, events has in a way overtaken me with the launch of Flemming Harrev’s excellent afrodiscs.com website. It has a history of the Ngoma label as well as a near-complete listing of all records on it.

Many of these discs, as I discovered from afrodiscs.com, are from the Series Luxe J series of releases. How many others from that series were produced in Kenya is hard to say.