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Catalogue       Group                                              A side/B side                                                       Year


NEW 102    Kilimambogo Brothers              Sulula Company Pts 1 & 2

NEW 103    Original Kilimambogo Brothers  Bwana Naomba Talaka Pts 1 & 2

NEW 104    Original Kilimambogo Brothers  Kinze Dance Pts 1 & 2

NEW 107    Original Kilimambogo Brothers  ?/Syindu Syamana

NEW 108     Original Kiimambogo               Mama Sheria Pts 1 & 2

                 (OKB) Stars

NEW 109    Original Kilimambogo Brothers  Kana Ngene/Kaluki

                 Band Stars

NEW 7-002 Kilimambogo Brothers Band     Rosariah/Syoka Nzula

NEW 7-10  Kilimambogo Brothers Band     Wajue Kilimambogo Brothers Pts 1 & 2

NEW 7-13  Kilimambogo Brothers              Kijana Masikini/Mama Kifagio

NEW 15     Kilimambogo Brothers              Pamela Pts 1 & 2

MY 001      Undugu 77 Choir                      Wenye Kulemewa/Mwana Mpotevu

Doug Paterson collaborated with John Beadle on the Kakai Kilonzo and Kilimambogo Brothers discography for Toshiya Endo’s website, which you can find here


NEW 102, 104 and 108 in this listing and those for the related Kakai Kilonzo Sound, Kilimambogo Brothers and Les Kilimambogo labels have been borrowed from their work with Doug and John’s permission.

Details of other records here came from Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris in December 2010 and Celine Bourdon-Ngo in Ottawa in January 2015.

Records with a serial number beginning with a 1, eg NEW 102, are in Kikamba. Those with a short number, eg NEW 7-10, are in Kiswahili, except for New 7-002 which is in Kikamba.