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NOA 1         Orch Mutumbu Jazz                 RIAT Pts 1 & 2

Details of this record, including the label scan, came from Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris in April 2011.

The Luo band are presumably the same as King Mutumbu Jazz, who recorded for Nyang Omaki Crocodile. The label says it is a Makasembo Records production, which seems to be part of the Wamenyo operation. Both names appear on records on Log Dichiel labels and both Makasembo and Wamenyo share the same Nairobi PO Box number.

The RIAT of the title is presumably the Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology, one of the first technical training institutes in Kenya. Located in Kisumu, it admitted its first students in 1976, which might provide a clue to the date of this release. Why anyone should choose to celebrate the founding of a college on a record label that portrays a man in distress is open to debate.