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Catalogue       Group                                                              A side/B side                                                       Year


NTS 7-001   Joseph Mukira & Peter Wachira             Ndawa Ya Kahua/Mini

NTS 7-007   Kamaru Celina Band                            Nyina Wa Mundu Ari-Bata/Niwanjikirire Ngoma

NTS 19        H.M. Brothers                                     Nyakiuru/Mwombok

NTS 21        One Man Band                                     Kawewe/Paulina Ruamba

NTS 23        Fundi Konde                                       Jambo Sigara/Ajali Haikingiki

NTS 24        H.M. Brothers                                     Uhiki Kwa Njanji/Machindana Ma Mwomboko

NTS 19 is from the collection of CC Smith, former editor of The Beat magazine and now Samba Mapangala’s manager. It is by a  Kikuyu band who don’t feature anywhere else on the discography. NTS 7-001 turned up on Ebay in May 2010, also featuring otherwise unknown artists.

NTS 23, by contrast, is by one of the founding fathers of popular music in Kenya. Fundi Konde’s career ran from the 1940s until 1963 when he retired from music, only returning to perform in 1976. Jambo Sigara is a song that dates from before 1963 and this is a re-release of an enduring hit.

Thanks to Alkis Gamelis in Greece for providing details of NTS 23 in March 2011 and Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris for information on NTS 21 and NTS 24 the following month.