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Catalogue       Group                                                         A side/B side                                                       Language


PCM 002       The Lulus Band                              Ni Thoni Andu Anini/Belida                         Kikuyu

PCM 003       The Lulus Band                              Njohera/Muiritu Muthaka                            Kikuyu

PCM 007       Mamicha Boys Band                       Wairimu/Airitu Mwendaga Atia                    Kikuyu

PCM 50        A: Chania Sisters                            Mawatho Ma Mama Chiru/Wari Wakwa        Kikuyu

                   B: Chania River Boys

OLS 01        The Mechanic Boys                          Sammy/Uka Coka Murata                          Kikuyu


MSR clearly stands for Mamicha Sound Recordings and the whole operation appears to have been owned and run by Mike Njenga Mamicha (The Wonder Boy) as he modestly credits himself on PCM 007.

Thanks to Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris, who supplied details of PCM 50 in November 2010 and PCM 007 in June 2013.

Thanks, too, to Fredrik Lavik who posted details of PCM 002, PCM 003 and OLS 01 on his Afro7 website in July 2016. All three feature compositions by Daniel Kamau.