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Catalogue                   Group                                                         A side/B side                                                  Language


MK 10                   La Creche Dyala                              A: Uhuru Wa Uchumi                            Swahili

                                                                                 B: President Amin Dada

EK 6001                Tabora Jazz Band                            Dada Asha No 2 Pts 1 & 2

EK 60

EK 6008                Kiwiro Matata Jazz Band                   Jawuoro/Martin Achola                          Dholuo

EK 6015                Orch Bana Mike                               ?/?                                                      Lingala?

EK 6016                Orch Mori River Jazz Band                Jackob & Pendo/Rusauna Soda              Dholuo

EK 6017                Orch Mori River Jazz Band                ?/?

EK 6018               Orch Mori River Jazz Band                ?/?


Mkulima means “farmer” in Kiswahili. Nairobi-based Sapra were the producers behind several labels during the 1970s, most notably Hodi-Tone.

Both the language and, more importantly, the song titles are missing from the Bana Mike disc, which makes me wonder how the Ebay seller hoped to sell the disc. Update: May 2012, the appearance of EK 6001 and EK 6017 on Ebay this month seems to indicate that the label was used for exports to Angola and, as with the OK label, for some reason it wasn’t felt necessary to include song titles for that market.

EK 6008 turned up on Ebay in December 2011 and EK 6018 in February 2013, once again a disc without song titles.

Many thanks to Thomas Gesthuizen for alerting me to the existence of MK 10 in November 2013, the first disc to feature a MK prefix to its catalogue number.