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Catalogue                   Group                                                         A side/B side                                                       Year


MBUTTA 7-007       Nyanza Stars                                   ?/Oledhi Mag Kong’o                               1974

MBUTTA 009          Nyanza Stars                                   Florry/George Okello                               1974

MBUTTA 010          Nyanza Stars                                   Atieno Rispa/Wach Mon                           1974

MBUTTA 012          Nyanza Stars                                   Joseph Ja Seme/Ogunde Ja Jina               1974

MBUTTA 7-013       Siaya Central Band                           Nicholas Okoth/Benta Achieng                  1974

MBUTTA 7-014       Orch Sega                                       Patrick Wagumba/Auma Nyaboro              1974

MBUTTA 020          Siaya Central Band                           Gilbert Ondiek Jaraha/A Peter K'agolla      1974

MBUTTA 022          Shirati LV Band                                Ben McAdwar/Peter Olaje                         1975


Most of these recordings of Luo benga are from the British Library’s National Sound Archive collection. The exception is MBUTTA 7-007, which Tom Gilks kindly supplied details of in May 2013.

Siaya Central may be linked to Central Siaya Jazz who recorded for Gabytone and Hippo, while Nyanza Stars also recorded for Sibuor. Shirati LV is, presumably, DO Misiani’s prolific band.

Thanks to Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris for the label scan.