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Catalogue       Group                                                         A side/B side                                                       Year


MAU 7-005   Warembo Jazz                                Kaba Kuhika/Ngurumwo Na Ndiurie            1975

MAU 7-007  Joseph Njuguna                               Mataaro Ma Muchi/Jehovah Niwe Igai

                  & North Kiambu Choir

MAU 7-10    Ugambe Jazz                                   Ramogi Achieng Oneko/Dala Ber Moloyo     1975

MAU 7-25    Kilimambogo Brothers                      ?/Wendo Wa December

MAU 7-33    Machakos C.H.S. Choir                     Daudi Na Bathsheba/Yesu Jangwani

MAU 7-52    Kilimambogo Brothers                      Kakai Ni Muthelu/Wanza Na Mandasi


A sister label to Mercury from the mid to late 1970s, featuring a very similar label design.

MAU 7-007 is a Kikuyu choir recording taped by John Beadle, while MAU 7-005 is by a Kikuyu band who don’t feature anywhere else in this discography.

Thanks to Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris for the red label scan.

Update: in January 2012, MAU 7-33 turned up on Ebay. It is by Machakos Central High School Choir, who also recorded for Kirinyaga. A year later, in January 2013, MAU 7-52 surfaced, again on Ebay. It’s by Kakai Kilonzo’s widely recorded Kilimambogo Brothers and indicates that there are clearly many other recordings on this label that have yet to be listed here.