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Catalogue               Group                                                A side/B side                                                                   Year


MAK 008             Machakos Town Choir               Hayati Kenyatta/Maisha Ya Dunia                        1978

AIT/MAK 102       Machakos Town Choir               Shangilieni Aliyezaliwa/Tufungulie Nuhu

AIT/MAK 103       Machakos Town Choir               Abraham Na Isaak/Mali Ya Ulimwengu

AIT/MAK 7-104    Machakos Town Choir               Upendo Wa Rais Moi/Telephone

AIT/MAK 105       Machakos Town Choir               Mwanzo Wa Dhambi/Maisha Wa Kesho

AIT/MAK 106       Machakos Town Choir               Wana Wawili/Mwaka Wa Wasio Jiweza

AIT/MAK 107       Machakos Town Choir               Bustani Mwa Eden/Samson

AIT/MAK 108       Machakos Town Choir               Jonah/Elijah

AIT/MAK 109       Machakos Town Choir               Mariam/Leo Bwana Amezaliwa

AIT/MAK 110       Machakos Town Choir               Mateso Ya Yesu/Maisha Yanatisha

AIT/MAK 111       Machakos Town Choir               Kijana Tajiri/Mwokozi Akungoja

200 series

MAK 201             Machakos Town Choir               Ewe Muhubiri/Kumtumikia Mungu

MAK 202             Machakos Town Choir               Zawadi Ya Krismas/Jona Nenda Ninawe


A label dedicated to releases by the Machakos Town Choir from the late 1970s through to the early 1980s, Makao appears to have started out as an independent label releasing hymns and religious songs to raise funds and then been taken up by AIT who distributed its recordings across the nation.

The most likely catalyst for this change was the death of Jomo Kenyatta, the republic’s first president, on 22 August 1978. A time of national mourning and political uncertainty meant there was a real need for appropriate music on the radio, at public gatherings and in people’s homes.

MAK 008 and AIT/MAK 7-104 seem to bear this out. “Hayati Kenyatta” means “The late Kenyatta” suggests a tribute to his memory, while “Upendo Wa Rais Moi” - “Love of President Moi” - sounds like a rallying call to get behind Kenyatta’s successor, Daniel arap Moi.

Details of both these records were supplied by Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris in April 2011. They provided the key to unlock details of other records in the AIT master catalogue, which are listed here.

The label name Makao means literally “dwelling place” or “residence” in Kiswahili. In this context, “House of the Lord” might be a better translation.

The 200 series singles appear in an Audio Productions dates December 1982, which suggests a shift in allegiance by the choir from one prodicer/distributor to another.