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Catalogue       Group                                                         A side/B side                                                       Year


ONGE 002    Orch Victoria C Band                        Nicholas Oluoch/L.L.B. Anyango

ONGE 007    Orch Kiwiro Boys' Band                    Odingo Fundi Pts 1 & 2  

MAGO 3       Victoria 'C' Band                             Nick Oluoch/Anyango L.L.B.



A Victoria Music Stores like VMS and Lake Victoria, primarily featuring productions by Okoth Kodondi, a prolific producer of Luo benga bands who also produced sides for labels such as Ka-Ber and Kodondi.

As I understand it the Kiwiro Boys Band later changed their name to Orch Sega-Sega, which puts this Luo recording in the late 1970s if not earlier. The band also recorded for two EMI imprints, God Huma and Kiwiro and for Nam-Lich.

Orch Victoria C Band are one of the many offshoots of Victoria Kings and also recorded for Koth Wuon Chiemo, Lake Victoria, and Wich Jawil Piyo.

MAGO 3, which turned up on CD&LP.com in November 2013, may carry a different catalogue number because it was produced by J. Ooke rather than Okoth Kodondi.