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Catalogue       Group                                                  A side/B side                                                       Year


PKZ 8           Orch Super Mazembe                  Wabuza/Nazangi Mwana

PKZ 16         Nashil Pichen Kazembe                Mpili Pili/Chauta Sataya Munthu

PKZ 17         Nashil Pichen & Super Mazembe  Merci Imbwembwe Yandi/Revien a Moi

PKZ 18         Nashil Pichen Kazembe                Kabocala Wa Chikowdi/Tizi Kumbukira Makolo

PKZ 19         Nashil Pichen Kazembe                Osa Ndimekera/Tony Dekha Mtima

PKZ 27         Nashil Pichen Kazembe                Osa Chita Nanyazi/Sugar Mummy

                   & Super Mazembe

PKZ 30         Nashil Pichen Kazembe                Eliza Nyali Yanga/Ndiwa Munobe

PKZ 32         Orch Super Mazembe                  Kasongo Pts 1 & 2

PKZ 38         Super Mazembe                          Ndalephela Ndi Makolo/Kuchibolya Siniza Mwelako

PKZ 40         Nashil Pichen Kazembe                Unkhalamba Subisika Pts 1 & 2

                   & Super Mazembe

PKZ 50         Super Mazembe                          Fupa Lokakamiza/Mwana Simonga Covala

PKZ 60         Super Mazembe                          Naweli Nini Pts 1 & 2                            1979

PKZ 67         Dr NP Kazembe                          Ichitanfya Abaume Pts 1 & 2

                   & His Super Mazembe Band

PKZ 68         Dr NP Kazembe                          Unkhalamba Simatenda Pts 1 & 2

                   & His Super Mazembe Band

PKZ 72         Dr NP Kazembe                          South View Pts 1 & 2

                   & His Super Mazembe Band

PKZ 75         NP Kazembe                               Naleli Libota Pts 1 & 2

                   & His Super Mazembe Band

PKZ 79         Dr NP Kazembe                           Nde Lwala Love Pts 1 & 2

                   & His Super Mazembe Band

PKZ 81         Kalombo and Malaika Band          Mangani Pts 1 & 2

PKZ 87         Nashil Pichen Kazembe                Munyadiranji Pts 1 & 2

PKZ 93         Nashil Pichen Kazembe                Usaone Kumanga Thayo Pts 1 & 2

PKZ 8, 17, 32, 60 and 67 are all Zambian pressings, so may or may not share the same catalogue numbers as any records pressed in Kenya.

Kasongo was a hit in 1977, which gives a clue as to the time frame for these singles. Nashil Pichen’s name, though, muddies the waters to a degree. It’s known that the Zimbabwe-born veteran of the Eagles Lupopo met the band in Zambia in the early 1970s and encouraged them to move to Nairobi, which they did in 1974. His name, though, is not associated with the band’s most popular recordings, so did he make these Luapula recordings with them for an overseas audience?