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Catalogue       Group                                                  A side/B side                                                       Year


LM 7-101     Bondo Super Band                    Edwin Jakino/Anyango Muvembo               1973

LM 7-102     Les Siaya Jazz Band                  Gor Mahia FC/Patty Jael Opondo                1973

LM 7-103     Les Siaya Jazz Band                  Jopidi Yuak No 2/Yuda Odhiambo               1973

LM 7-104     Ugambe Jazz Band                    Raphael Kosumba/E Ochieng

LM 7-105     Siaya Jazz Band                        Safari Ma Gariabangi/Fibi Toto

LM 110        Gem Lucky Band                       Rose M. Auma/Benjamin Omundhe

LM 7-117     Mwilonje Jazz Band                   Roho Wikhaye/Stephen Mulofa                   1974

LM 7-120     Mwolonje Jazz Band                  Obuyanzi Bwanje Na Lina/Mapenzi Na July  1974

LM 7-140     Milonje Jazz Band                     Omukhana Muhindira/Kifo Cha Pombe         1975

LM 7-117, LM 7-120 and LM 7-140 are singles from the Voice of America collection that I assume are all by the same band despite the variations in the spelling of its name. According to the Rough Guide to World Music, Mwilonje Jazz was one of the names used by an electric version of Abana Ba Nasery.

Writing credits split between Shem Tube, Simion Ayuya and Tom Lusaba seem to confirm that connection and also suggest a link with the Kanga label, which features a single that involves the same trio.

All three of those singles are in Luhya, the rest of the records, though, are in Dholuo and the label takes its name from Luanda Magere, a fearless warrior in Luo folklore.