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Catalogue       Group                                                         A side/B side                                                        Year


LR 7-103      Mwanza Town Choir                         A: Nakujia Ni Mwenye Dhambi

                                                                         B: Bwana Mungu Alisema

LR 7-113      Mwanza Town Choir                         Maisha Uliyo Nayo/Na Tuwe Kama Rahabu

LR 7-116      Mwanza Town Choir                         A: Karibu Rafiki Kwa Yesu

                                                                         B: Atapokuja Mwana Adamu

LR 7-124      Mwanza Town Choir                         A: Hapo Kale Watu Wa Mungu

                                                                         B: Nitakwenda Mbinguni

LR 7-134      Kwaya Ya Vijana Wa Arusha             A: Heri Walio Maskini Wa Roho

                                                                         B: Bado Kitambo Kidogo

LR 7-161     AIC Mwanza Town Choir                    Ulimwengu Huu/Sasa Tumeisha Fika         1974

LR 7-165     A.I.C. Makongoro Choir                     A: Kuteswa Kwake Bwana

                                                                         B: Yona Mtu Wa Mungu

LR 7-172     A.I.C. Makongoro Choir                     Dunia Inayumba Yumba/Ndugu Usichoke   1974

LR 7-173    Mwanza Town Choir                           Enyi Mdugu/Tuitangaze Pote                     1975


LR 7-116 is an undated choir recording that surfaced on Ebay in January 2012. Without hearing it, perhaps the most interesting thing about the record is that it appears to be by a Tanzanian choir. Mwanza is the second largest city in Tanzania, with a current population of about 2 million.

The catalogue number indicates other recordings on this label must exist, a fact confirmed by the appearance of LR 7-103, LR 7-134 and LR 7-165 on Ebay in July 2013. LR 7-113, LR 7-124 and LR 7-172 turned up on the Discogs website in April 2015, with the latter dated as being from 1974.