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Catalogue       Group                                                  A side/B side                                                       Year


KUL 2          Orch Central International           Ayaro Oyugi/Jane Jaber

KUL 6          Les Victoria                                Alice Awuor/Atieno Ndalo Luoro

KUL 8          Les Victoria                                Alice Awuor/Atiendo Ndalo Luoro

KUL 10        V.D. Opila Jazz                           Moni Adhiambo/Lazaro Obila

KUL 12        Migori Super Stars                      Hasan Odhiambo/Odinga Fundi

KUL 13        Kodidi Mayaka                            Margaret Okelo/Rose Anyango

KUL 14        Migori Super Stars                      Silpa Adhiambo/Hera Oringa Koso

Sofiane of Groovy Record in France very kindly provided both the details and the scan of KUL 13 in March 2011 and KUL 10 the following month. Neither of these Luo artists feature anywhere else in this discography. The label design is so homespun that it seems scarcely believable that a slick multinational such as CBS had much to do with the label

Many thanks to Tom Gilks supplied details of KUL 6 in May 2013 and to Fredrik Lavik for details of KUL 2 and KUL 8 in July 2013 and KUL 14 in September 2014. KUL 12 turned up on eBay in November 2015.