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Catalogue       Group                                              A side/B side                                                                              Year


KOD 02        International de Nelly              Mrs Fibi Asiyo/C Agok

KOD 003      Kawere B Kings                       Rael Anyango/James Onuong'a

KOD 06        KB Kings                                 Aumah/Ochola Maurice

KOD 09        Orch Shirati International         Giko Piny Pts 1 & 2

KOD 13        CK Dumbe Dumbe                   Adhis Wa Plateau/Dr Stephen Muga Odese

DO -1          Orch Mawimbi International      Tembea Uone Majengo Pts 1 & 2

A Victoria Music Store label dedicated to productions by Okoth Kodondi, one of the mainstays of Luo benga record production.

Kawere B Kings and KB Kings appear to be an offshoot of Kawere Boys Band, and Kawere-related releases can be found on Ka-Ber, Kawere Biro Special, Makossa, POK, Saye Ber Mo and Uriri Dala Mor.

KOD 02, 06 and 09 surfaced on Ebay in September 2010. The vendor has a knack for getting the A and B sides of records the wrong way round. I’ve had to go with his version as there were no scans in his listings.

Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris supplied details of DO-1 in April 2011. It’s in Kiswahili by a band who don’t feature anywhere else in this discography.