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Catalogue       Group                                                  A side/B side                                                       Year


DOUBLE 01  Mbiri Young Stars                       My Dear Kwaheri No. 2/Marioni

DOUBLE 03  Mbiri Young Stars                       Ndiri Ndanogio Niwe/Jane

DOUBLE 06  Mbiri Young Stars Band               Wendo Wa Baku/Faith                             1981


One of the things that makes this Kikuyu recording interesting is that the Kiru Brothers don’t feature anywhere else in this discography, although there are recordings listed by Kiru Stars.

The name of Simon Kihara, composer of the songs on DOUBLE 03, also features as the songwriter on a Mbiri Stars single on the Mbiri label. See the Band Index to explore links between the various Mbiri bands.

Thanks to Fredrik Lavik from Norway for supplying details and a label scan of DOUBLE 03 in December 2011 and DOUBLE 01 in July 2013. DOUBLE 06 showed up on eBay in February 2017. It is dated 1981 and also features composing and production credits for Simon Kihara.