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Catalogue       Group                                                    A side/B side                                            Year


KILO 7-1       Ragen Jupiters                            Monica C Agola/Olmulo Dick No 2    1974

AS 3103-04

KILO 7-20     Victoria Jazz Band                       Samwel Masare/Charles Oringi


Two Luo benga bands, two very different fates. Ragen Jupiters also recorded for Piny Pek but their music is not well known outside East Africa.

Victoria Jazz, though, are more familiar to audiences outside Africa, being well served by the Mighty Kings of Benga CD (Globestyle, 1993), 

All the tracks on that were released by the band’s own Oula record company. So far this discography doesn’t include any of those releases but it does have other recordings by the group on Lolwe, Melodica, POK and this label, Kilo, which was distributed by Phonogram.