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Catalogue       Group                                                      A side/B side                                                              Year


KSJ 01         S.K. Brothers                                Mwendwa Mbuina/Tukenagira Naivasha

LBJ 005       Lucky Boys Jazz Band                    Rugano Rwa Naivasha/Tiga Kugirika Juliah

KSJ 01 is a Kikuyu single by a band that doesn’t so far appear anywhere else in this discography. The group may take its name from Simon Kimani, who shares a songwriting credit with J.Kananda

This record was located in the archives of the Ethnological Museum, Berlin, in October 2011. Its catalogue provides no date for the recording nor any indication of whether the label is affiliated to any other label or producer.

Details of LBJ 005 come from a 1982 Audio Productions catalogue, courtesy of Flemming Harrev in October 2013. Again, Simon Kimani is listed as the songwriter.