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Catalogue       Group                                              A side/B side                                                                              Year


KCC 1          Migori Super Stars                  Jaber Nyalego/Walter Bondo

KCC 2          Migori Super Stars                  Isaya Ouko Abibo/Dona Ema Arito

KCC 3          Migori Super Stars                  Milly Adhis Dus/Rwath Ocha Rapur

KCC 4          Migori Super Stars                  Elizabeth Akelo/Owino Nyanje

KCC 5          Migori Super Stars                  Nyalego No. 2/Peter Modi

KCC 7          Super Kaumba                       Christine Pts 1 & 2

KCC 8          Migori Super Stars                  Mama Anjelina Nyamkwo/Dongi Eka Ine

KCC 11        Migori Super Stars                  Owila Ogagi/Adhis Nyar Sewe

One of the Wamenyo stable of labels, which also included Bwana Otieko Weche, Log Dichiel, Piny to Angoni?, Weka Waka and X-Mas. The one constant across all these labels is that their records are undated.

Migori Super Stars are a Luo benga band who recorded for a multitude of labels. Orch Super Kaumba, meanwhile, were a Congolese band who also recorded for Editions AIT. Like many Congolese bands of the time, the group travelled widely and on a tour of Uganda recruited Sammy Kasule. He cites Super Kaumba and Orch Les Noirs as the first two bands he joined before travelling to Nairobi and making a reputation for himself under his own name. Now resident in Sweden, Kasule is still as of March 2011 an active musician playing bass and singing with Makonde.

Thanks to Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris for details of KCC 2, KCC 7 and KCC 8 and the label scan, and to Fredrik Lavik in Finland for details of the rest of these records.