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Catalogue       Group                                                        A side/B side                                                              Year


KR 005        Nyeri Boys Band                             Njamba Cia Kenya/Gitugi Kia Burubi

KR 009        Nyeri Boys Band                             Wendo Wa Rubau/Ino No Nairobi                    1975

KMR 7-001   Gachika Kings Band                        Kieha Ndi Nakio/Cumi Cumi

Nyeri Boys Band, a Kikuyu group, doesn’t so far feature anywhere else in this discography and every piece of information on the label suggests a very localised production and distribution operation.

The PO Box indicates the label was based in Kerugoya, a town in Central Province that is about 60 miles northeast of Nairobi.

KMR 7-001 appeared on eBay in February 2016. Again, it is by a Kikuyu group that doesn’t appear anywhere else in this discography.